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Below is a list of the various types of photographic services I offer to my clients. If you would like a quote for your project, or are interested in booking an appointment, please visit my contact page.

Wedding / Engagement

Photography services for your special day! Tiered packages available for weddings, engagements, reunions, and other special events.

I offer contracted, on-call services covering a variety of media. Film sets, documentaries, travel, blogs, and more.  

Media / Production

Original work based on either client proposal or my proposal.

Real Estate

Residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, civic, interiors, and exteriors. 


Headshots, portraits, fashion, modeling, bands, boudoir, nature, family photography, and individual projects.

Product / Commercial

Projects big and small - advertising and marketing, online, print, retail, sports, campaigns, local, national, and international.


Business oriented services that include:

- headshots, events, government, HR, non-profit, service, retail, staff photography, meetings, branding, in-office, interior/exterior, and general stock photography to suit any purpose.


If there is a photo you really enjoy and wish to own your own print, I am able to sell prints for all of the photos which I have full rights to.

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